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a 12-hour hackathon for high schoolers

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what is snowday?

snowday is an introductory hackathon—an event where people come together to leverage computer programming and code projects. at snowday, you will have 12 hours to make your idea into a reality.

but why even come?

a lot of swag

hackathons are known for their swag and what would snowday be without some of its own swag. stay tuned for free stuff throughout the event; we will be handing it out throughout the event.

delicious food

if you like food, you’ll like snowday. a day's worth of food will be provided to you beginning with breakfast and ending with dinner. most importantly, you don't worry about your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. there will also be plenty of snacks to munch on throughout the day.

interesting speakers

a hackathon isn't complete without a few great talks from people in the industry. come make connections and learn something new while doing so.

people like you

the best part of hackathons are the people, just like you. no matter if you are a beginner, expert, or batman, everyone has one common goal—to create something cool.

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frequently asked questions

how much will it cost?

absolutely nothing! breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided free of cost, and snacks will be available throughout the day if you get hungry. there is no entrance fee either.

what should i bring?

your laptop, phone, chargers, student id, a sleeping bag, extension cords. food will be provided!

how will i find a team?

although it is recommended you find a team beforehand, we will match all those who do not have a team with others who need a team. we will ensure no one is left behind!

what if i've never been to a hackathon?

no problem. snowday is as much about learning as it is about hacking. we'll have experienced mentors who can help groups who may not have attended a hackathon before, or are new to programming in general.

what can i win?

there will be different prizes for different categories and they will be announced at a later date.

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